25 03 2010

Everyone had a great time at Bike!Bike!  Thanks to all our presenters, workshop facilitators, volunteers, coordinators, chefs, and of course– participants! 

The weather was springy, the parties were bumpin’, and the food was amazing! 

Best wishes to all who made it here & back — maybe we’ll see you in Toronto!


Workshop Schedule

18 03 2010


3pm: Registration begins at First Unitarian Church (4th and york)
6pm-715pm: Baked Potato Dinner
8pm: Bike Riders leave from First Unitarian; Registration Begins at 1113 S. Logan Street
10pm: SHOW TIME for Mirage Montage, Bu Hao Ting, and DJ Kaboom at 1113 S. Logan St.
Registration all day @ 1st Unitarian
9am: Breakfast at the Brick/Brycc House
10am-1130am: Herbal Health and Bike Projects; Evasive Maneuvers Mr. Sulu, Zero Waste Bike Shop; DiY Fund-Raising
1pm-230pm:  Bike Culture and the Lack of Safe Spaces Therein; Bike Maintenance 101; How to bend the will of your local Beaurocracy
3pm-430pm:  Getting differently abled folks on bikes; massage and stretching for bikers; bike tube boox!
5pm-630pm:  Starting Women’s and Trans Bike Shop Nights; It it’s Broken, Repurpose it
630pm:  Dinner in the field across from the Brick House (1103 S. 2nd St., 40203)
8pm: Defiance, OH and Evil Grimace w/ Seraphim and Conspirator @Skull Alley, 1017 E. Broadway
10 pm: Party 1135 S. 7th St.
9am: Breakfast @ Brick/Brycc House
10am-1130am: Fixed Gear Conversions, Guerrilla workshop space
1130am:  Lunch
1pm-230pm:  Bike Maintenance 102
3pm-4:30pm:  Closing Thoughts – Next Year?


17 03 2010

Friday: You will be getting in to Louisville Kentucky and getting directions to the First Unitarian Church from 3 til 8 pm. (4th and york, across the street from the Main Library).

*Registration starts at 3pm at first Unitarian Church and ends at 8pm. The address is:

First Unitarian Church

809 South 4th Street

Louisville, KY 40203-2299

(502) 585-5110

We will be there, you’ll get a neat little map and some additional things including a workshop schedule and whatnot.

The bike collective will be open for people to tune and tweak.

The Freewheel Bike Collective is located here:


1103 S. 2nd St.

Louisville, KY 40203

Friday Night: Mirage Montage and BuHaoTing play a show and are followed by DJ Kaboom at the Wrongside house, 1113 S. Logan st. The show starts right after a group ride that leaves from First Unitarian Church.

Later arrivals: call these/this number or TEXT. 502 592 7160 and 502 797 2901 after 10 pm.   Just say you’re here for bike bike.  Aim for heading to the Wrongside House at 1113 S. Logan Street, Louisville KY 40203.  There will be bike rides leaving from multiple locations which you can find out about by calling any of the above numbers or dropping by any of the locations.

*If you arrive late don’t worry, just holler! Breakfast will be starting on saturday at 9 am at the Brick House. simple stuff, but delish.

*We are asking for sliding scale donations to the convergence. if we clear two hundred then the convergence pays for itself in terms of our own financial contributions.

*If you can/want – volunteer! someone somewhere in the bikebiking of louisville could use some help.  We especially will need help surrounding food prep and dish washing.


There’s a 630am meditation on dog hill in Cherokee park (you’ll see)


saturday evening:

There’s a discounted Defiance, Ohio show along with Evil Grimace (locals), Conspirator, and Seraphim (both from Mississippi)

Skull Alley (www.skullalley,net)

1017 E. Broadway

Louisville, Ky – 40204

Show starts @ 7pm – $5 entry with bike!bike! registration (wristband), $7 without.

There is an Iranian fire jump party that Maryam Miriahi is putting together.

Night rides arranged

There’s a bar connected to 21C, the fancy art hotel, which has a 24 hour art gallery that is kind of amazing. and the bathrooms are public and worth visiting if nothing else.

Some folks have expressed interest in a bdsm/kink play party so folks who are interested should let us know. all info will be confidential.

things to keep in mind

-Registering makes food work easier for us, so if you can please do.

-if you want to volunteer around food holler at! 345-6834 this is katie

-Bring medic supplies if you’ve got them

-Bike parts: anything you want to trade/barter for the trade/barter table

extra tools

interesting gadget pieces

things yall think people would want

-bring your bike and bring extras for loaners if you feel so inclined!

-sleeping materials

-your own eating utensils and any of your own plates and cups you can manage, but don’t freak if it’s too much to worry about

-some form of identification if you plan on going out to bars (Alcohol Beverage Control is tough in town)

-looking too for people who would be excited about leading workshops around co-op and collective social management and organizing.

-bring a little money for going out if you want it. we’ve also got a few stores that are offering discounted stuff.

a vintage clothing/accessory store that specializes in local stuff and also boutiquey fashions

a bike shop or two (pending)

an art store (pending)

a coffee shop


Humana festival. google it and ESPECIALLY google the motherlodge component of that. the rudyard is right around the corner from us and is going to be hosting some amazing acts

Weather Update// what to bring?!

16 03 2010

Friday: (65 high, 48 low), partly cloudy but should be pleasant.

Saturday: (60 high, 45 low), 40% chance of rain

Sunday: (48 high, 33 low), 40% chance of rain

Last-minute packing suggestions!

  • rain gear
  • helmet
  • lock
  • lights
  • sleeping bag/pillow/etc
  • at least a hoodie, it’s gonna be pretty brisk at night

We’re getting stoked!  See ya this weekend!

Coming Right UP

8 03 2010

Bike!Bike! Countdown: 11 days… Things are heating up (and the weather’s getting pretty nice, too).

Locations are up, feel free to register in advance, sign up to volunteer (we would love a medic or two), or sign up to do a workshop…  Spring has sprung, the equinox is coming up, and we’ll see you in Louisville!

Get stoked!


More Housing Needed!

28 02 2010

Dear readers,

I am really excited about Bike!Bike! — it’s rolling up soon! In order to make things run smoothly for everyone, we’re going to need some more of you lovely Louisvillians to open your homes for the weekend. Please fill out our housing applicant form– so far, we have more folks registered than we have spaces to put ’em! This is awesome, but we want to make sure everyone has a place to sleep.

Thanks so much!

Take care, y’all.



26 02 2010

Whew, I just got done adding a bunch of stuff to the site:

  • new workshops
  • event schedule
  • locations
  • & more!

Check ’em out!