Yay– The registration form is available! Click here to fill it out!

1st Unitarian Church
809 South 4th Street
Louisville, KY 4020

registration will begin at 3pm Friday & continue throughout the weekend.

Stuff you should know about registration that’s NOT on the form:

1) We’re asking a $15 donation for the weekend, but nobody will be turned away for lack of funds.  We also won’t say no if you want to give us more money for your registration, however.  It can help offset our costs & help others to get in!
2) Donations of other sorts (extra bikes, food for the event, your time/energy as a volunteer) can totally go toward the registration fee- it’s sliding-scale and negotiable.
3) We mostly want folks to register ahead of time to get an idea of how many people to expect, so we can get appropriate amounts of things (hand-outs, guides to town, sammiches, etc) before y’all arrive.

The registration form is also to help us with assessing housing and other needs. If you want to make arrangements for a place to sleep before you get here (recommended), that’s the second part of the form linked above.

See you in March!


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25 01 2010
Benjamin Rennison

Rock on!

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