Workshop Layout!!

3pm: Registration begins at First Unitarian Church (4th and york)
6pm-715pm: Baked Potato Dinner
8pm: Bike Rides leave from First Unitarian; Registration Begins at 1113 S. Logan Street
10pm: SHOW TIME for Mirage Montage, Bu Hao Ting, and DJ Kaboom at 1113 S. Logan St.
10am-1130am: Herbal Health and Bike Projects; Zero Waste Bike Shop; DiY Fund-Raising
1pm-230pm:  Bike Culture and the Lack of Safe Spaces Therein; Bike Maintenance 101; How to Work that Bureaucrat!y
3pm-430pm:  Getting differently abled folks on bikes; massage and stretching for bikers; bike tube boox!
5pm-630pm:  Starting Women’s and Trans Bike Shop Nights; It it’s Broken, Repurpose it
630pm:  Dinner in the field across from the Brick House (1103 S. 2nd St., 40203)
8pm: Defiance, OH and Evil Grimace w/ Seraphim and Conspirator @Skull Alley, 1017 E. Broadway
10 pm: Party 1135 S. 7th St. 
10am-1130am: Fixed Gear Conversions, Guerrilla workshop space

1130am:  Lunch
1pm-230pm:  Bike Maintenance 102
3pm-4:30pm:  Closing Thoughts – Next Year?


If you want to do a workshop, please click here to submit a description. It will be re-posted on this page!

Workshops we would love to have at B!B!SE:

yoga for bikers

starting a collective/collective space

maintenance of collective spaces

types of spaces (non-profit? for-profit? other?)

diy signage/lanes

cyclist nutrition

…just to name a few!  Feel free to add suggestions in the comments below to inspire folks who might want to present stuff.


Current workshop list:

*”How to start your own women’s and trans bike clinics/shop nights” with dianna settles:

This is a workshop dealing with how to get your own ladies’ bike shop nights/ bike maintenance classes started.  There will be a brief overview of the thought process involved in getting these events started, but will largely be based on discussion. Learn the basics on how to make your shop more women friendly.

*”Welding Practice: Let’s build a Tallbike” with Dan and Rachel from Rat Patro Bike Club:

In this workshop, we will build a tallbike over the course of 4 to 6 hours for the freewheel bike collective. We will be using a fluxcore arc welder. This is one of the easiest and most economical ways to weld steel bicycles. Bike!bike! attendees can stop by any time to practice using angle grinders and welders, ask questions about building choppers and tallbikes, and help build a tallbike for freewheel. This will be a good workshop to stop at during down time between other workshops of interest.

*”Herbal Health and Bike Projects” with Whit:

Biking can present a number of different stresses unique to it.  The same is true for bikeshops.  This workshop is meant to take an herbal approach to harm reduction for cyclists.  Environmental pollutants, basic body system maintenance, detox, sprains/strains/cuts/scrapes, headaches, blood pressures, heart health and circulatory systems, liver support (cause lord knows i have SEEN the recycling outside of most bike projects i’ve been to), immune system stuff and a few others that are coming together.

*”Zero Waste Bike Shop” with Ben Botkins:

How to operate a zero waste bike shop. Reusing, recycling & budget are the main focus of a zero waste bike shop. I will present solutions on how to reuse & recycle items that are usually discarded such as tubes, chains & tires. I will also share ways to buy in bulk to drastically reduce product cost as well as shipping cost while reducing packaging waste at the same time.

*”Bike Maintenance 101″ with Lance Biddle:

This workshop designed to educate you about the basic workings of bicycles and their componentry. So, that with this knowledge you will be able to sufficiently perform the standard maintenance and repairs that a bicycle needs, and deserves. This will hopefully lead to fewer major and costly breakdowns, and instead lots of enjoyable cycling.
And, so that if this basic knowledge is not enough, you will be able to speak to your mechanic in an educated manner about your bicycle’s problems.

*”Bike Maintenance 102″ with Lance Biddle:

A continuation of Bicycle Maintenance 101, diving deeper into more complicated repairs, and maintenance.

*”Fixed Gear Conversions” with Lance Biddle:

To teach people how to convert a bicycle to a fixed gear in the safest manner either on the cheap or the well funded route.

*”DIY Fundraising” with Bici Bike Collective:

A discussion on DIY fundraising using the Bici Bike Collectives as the discussion starter.

*”Getting Differently Abled Folks on Bikes” with Maryam MirRiahi:

Learning session that will address obstacles that differently abled young adults and older adults face when riding a bike. Will focus on positive solutions to help them find the right bike and identifying what limitations are and how they can be overcome.  One of the main issues I will discuss is how community can be extremely helpful in helping set short term and long term riding goals for differently abled bikers.

*”Bike culture and the lack of safe spaces therein: WTF?!” roundtable discussion hosted by Cheyborg (and anyone else who wants to!):

This will be an open forum to talk about the bullshit in bike culture, as well as suggest means to confront & deal with it– not just in our personal lives, but on collective/community levels.  Expect to come to this workshop with your own experiences and suggestions, and to come away from this workshop with an idea of how to foster safe spaces in your life/community/sphere.

*”How to bend the will of your local beaurocracy” with Dan Kelley:

The presentation I’m imagining would be four parts:

1) outline for understanding local government processes,

2) finding the right people in the government with whom to talk,

3) our specific experience with a bike valet ordinance drafted in Charleston,

4) and then a roundtable discussion for everyone to talk about their successes, pitfalls, and uncategorized encounters with government.

*”If it’s broken, repurpose it!” with Cheyborg:

This workshop will be a fun, hands-on experience.  A tour of some ideas I’ve had for repurposing bike parts that are no longer usable as such, and maybe brainstorm some new ones.  Come and share your ideas, from the practical to the ridiculous!  Limited junk will be provided & some examples will be given by the lovely presenter.  (BYO soldering equipment, if you want to make things hot!)

*DIY cargo bike build with Brent:

We will be building a cargo bike – one you can take to the grocery store, bring home fresh produce from the garden in, or even move 150 lb of stuff.

*”Bike Tube Boox!” with Katie McBride:

I will teach folks how to turn busted bike tubes and scrap paper into really fancy blank books! This is a cool idea for collectives looking to create nifty items for fundraisers or just as a fab craft activity for adults or kids.



*”Evasive Maneuvers, Mister Sulu!” with Dave Morse:

On-bike session learning traffic skills that could save your life.  Bring your bike and helmet (required for insurance purposes).  Skills taught: Rock Dodge, Instant Turn, Quick Stop, Scanning, and Signaling.


5 responses

16 03 2010
Josef S

How about “Learn How to Ride a Bicycle”? No problem with going back to basics?

16 03 2010
Dan Kelley

I already submitted a workshop called “How to Work Your Local Bureaucracy,” but I want to change the title to “How to Bend the Will of Your Favorite Local Bureaucracy!” and request a projector.

Would you like me to fill out another workshop form?

Thank you,

18 03 2010
Dave Morse

It would be great to know not only what the workshops are, but when and where they are too.

18 03 2010

just posted that. the locations will be pending. i’m having trouble getting the open document to co operate with me and go onto the website. you have any experience in this regard?


18 03 2010
Dave Morse

“Evasive Manuvers” didn’t make it in to your posting. Its all in the parking lot at the church, so it can cohabitate with another session there.

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